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The Middle East Crisis

The Muslim Women's League condemns the indiscriminate killing of civilians (including women/children) in the Israeli-Lebanese conflict.  We call for an immediate ceasefire to end the suffering of the innocent and stop the targeting of civilian infrastructure including bridges, roads, power stations and airport which create undue suffering and needless destruction.  We urge President Bush to actively engage in calling for an immediate ceasefire and to initiate dialogue with both sides in a just and balanced manner to promote a dignified, lasting and peaceful solution. We urge all sides to adhere to International law and the UN resolutions. God created us equal, and each human life is a gift and "sacred." Thus, we should abide by the highest moral standards to avoid the needless loss of life.

As the Lebanese people are suffering from the effects of the Israeli assault, Palestinians in Gaza are seeking relief from a month long siege by Israeli forces that is cutting them off from the rest of the world.  There is lack of water, electricity, food and other resources.  As we call upon the US to engage in Lebanon to bring about an immediate cease-fire, we are also requesting that they demand that Israel discontinue the collective punishment of innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. 
As American citizens, we reject the use of our tax-dollars to finance aggression and war wherever it may be.  We are particularly outraged at the decision of President Bush to send MORE weapons to Israel that will only serve to harm the civilian population and destroy the infrastructure of Lebanon.

If you would like to provide badly needed relief to the Palestinians, see the website of KinderUSA or Islamic Relief


July 24, 2006

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