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War On Iraq

As Americans, we call upon our government to proceed with caution in its military pursuit.  The young American men/women who make up our military and the twenty some million Iraqi people deserve our utmost attention to avoid any undue loss of life and exposure to chemical/biological weapons.

The Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein is no doubt a brutal dictator who has caused the Iraqi people enormous suffering through his own oppressive tactics of executions of thousands innocent Iraqi civilians, torture, deportations, hindering access for available medicine/food causing widespread malnutrition among other atrocities.  He has created a state of terror and deprivation amongst his people.  He has engaged in military operations  that have resulted in thousands of deaths of Iraqis.  He effectively has embarked on a slow course of genocide against his own people.  He shows no regard for life, in general.  He continues to be a threat not only to his own people but also to his neighbors and beyond. 

The United States government is justified in its concern – for the threat Saddam Hussein poses to his people.  The American people are justified in their concern to avoid unnecessary war and the future of world discourse, the level of anti- Americanism promoting future terrorism and the future for the next generation. 

Well, we must understand our role in support of Saddam Hussein in the past and learn from our mistakes.  We must understand that we must fortify the implementation of international laws through the United Nations and through The Hague – aggressively pursuing indictments for those responsible for committing crimes against humanity.  We must learn that acting unilaterally runs a risk for other countries to model our behavior.  We must promote the reduction of the economic gap in the developing countries and promote democracy abroad.  With the advent and propagation of weapons of mass destruction, there is just too much at stake.

We must move forward, learning from the past and looking toward the future for our sake and the sake of humanity.  It is this principle of a commitment to humanity that we Americans must embrace and not be manipulated by the political term “patriotism” which is used to justify much in its name.

We pray to God for the American men/women in the Gulf region, the Iraqi people as well as our future.  We ask God for guidance and may He lead us to the path of peace.  

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