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Sectarian Violence in Iraq

The Muslim Women's League condemns any and all types of violence against innocent human lives including that of believers against believers. The recent increase in sectarian violence violates the basic Quranic principles of the sanctity of life. The believer in God is held to a higher moral standard and encouraged to do his/her utmost to enjoin peace and do good in addition to the religious injunctions of prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage. In the Quran, God reveals: The believers both men and women are in charge of (and responsible for) one another: they (all) enjoin the doing of what is right and forbid the doing of what is wrong......." (9:71)

In addition, there is grievous penalty for the shedding of blood as God reveals, "But whoever kills deliberately another believer, his/her requital shall be hell, therein to abide, and God will condemn him/her and will reject him/her and will ready for him/her an awesome suffering." (5:32)

March 12, 2006

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