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Shooting in Seattle

The Muslim Women's League condemns the killing of a woman and wounding of five others at a Jewish center in Seattle, Washington.  In the Quran, God reveals, "And do not take the human being's life, which is sacred according to God's law, except in (the pursuit of justice)..."  Thus human life is a gift from God and must be treated in the most dignified manner.

It is difficult to endure witnessing images of killing and massive destruction in the Middle East, on television and over the internet, but this does not warrant retaliatory violence against innocent victims.  We  must be patient and persevere and encourage those parties involved to resolve the conflict in a peaceful and just manner.  God  reveals, "O You who have attained to faith! Be ever steadfast in being conscious of God, and bearing witness to the truth in all fairness and never let the hatred of anyone lead you to deviate from justice......"

July 30, 2006

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