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Execution of Businessman In Iraq

The MWL extends its heartfelt prayers to the family of Nicholas Berg. The MWL condemns this heinous act of violence committed against an innocent human being. God has given us the gift of life to cherish and has commanded us to live in peace. He has sent down his guidance to encourage us towards the path of righteousness with our deeds and repel all that is evil and destructive. God reveals in the Quran (with regards to the value of life): "Therefore, we ordained unto the Children of Israel that whoever slays a human being, unless it be (in legitimate punishment) for murder or for spreading corruption on earth, shall be as if he/she had slain the whole humanity altogether; and whoever saves a (human) life, shall be as if he/she had saved the whole of humanity together" (Verse 5:32). May God have mercy on us and guide us with His infinite wisdom.

May 12, 2004

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