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Readers' Comments

I just found your site and I felt a breath of fresh air.  We live in Cairo half of the year and in the states the other half.  I am finding Egypt to be more conservative every year and it really concerns me.  But with your site I can keep my perspective and my sanity.  Thanks,

Zeinab from Africa

Salamo alikiom, I was impressed by the moderate, educated and fair views in your topics which what we need in our lives in our challenging present in the US and every where. Thanks.

Salwa from North America

Just heard about the organization and I think it is fantastic. Website has such vital information that me as an Yemeni-American woman will need now and in the future.

Nadia from Oakland

Your site is quite educative on issues that affects muslim women. Please, keep it up. Just as you wrote a comprehensive article on place of muslim women in politics can we have in such areas as education, business/economy and so on.

Muslim male from Africa

Assalamualaikum, dear muslim sisters, im soo happy found this website, as a muslim im not real faithfully person, but i believe in Allah with all my heart. this website really help all muslim women to be independent, self courage without have too loose our respect to our man. im really terify and i hope all of muslim sister in USA can help each others. wasalam.

Muslim female from North America

Your organization sounds wonderful.  I look forward to learning more and contributing, Inshallah.

Muslim female from North America

Salam Alaykum, I have gone thru it all and appreciate your method of propagating islam.

Muslim male from Africa

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