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News from Around the World

bullet MWL Wins Khutba Contest (6/07)
bullet Muslim Leaders Sign "Code of Honor" to Promote Intrafaith Harmony (4/07)
bullet Muslims Support Pakistani Rape Survivor Mukhtar Mai (11/05)
bullet In Iran, US Runner Joins the Races (9/05)
bullet Muslim Women's Games (9/05)
bullet Muslim Girls' Basketball Team Makes News
bullet Israeli Mother Addresses European Parliament (3/05)
bullet Muslim Women Meet in Morgantown, WV to Create Historic New Women's Rights Group (6/04)
bullet Shirin Ebadi Accepts Nobel Peace Prize (12/03)
bullet Letter to Governor of Zamfara on the Ruling in Nigeria on the Alleged Cases of Adultery (2/01)
bullet Woman Leader Fuels Indonesian Debate (6/99)
bullet Can She Run Indonesia? It's About Islam, or Is It? (6/99)
bullet Women's Right to Vote in Kuwait (6/99)
bullet Opposition to Women's Political Rights in Kuwait (5/99)
bullet Clinton Appoints Muslim Woman to Commission (5/99)

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